Alright Ya’ll here it comes – the darkest day of the year!


    Here’s how it works:
    Pure Pop opens at 10am on Black Friday (The friday after Thanksgiving). We will be collecting wish lists at 9:15am sharp – make sure to get yours in by then! If there are only a couple of releases you really want, we DO NOT recommend trying to be the first in line – it won’t make a difference if you fill out a wish list. As long as you’re here no later than 8:55am with your wishlist, you have just as much a chance as anyone else to get the one or two releases that you want. IF you want 20 things really, really badly, then we suggest getting to Pure Pop early so you can be the first in line to get in. There is usually already a small line around 8am or so. Besides the two items on your wishlist, everything else is first come, first serve. WE DO NOT DO PRE-ORDERS OR HOLDS PRIOR TO RSD/Black Friday. This is just general nationwide RSD policy.

    So, what’s a wish list? In order for us to try to get you the release you want, we have a “wish list” – you fill out up to 10 releases that you want in order of how much you want them (1 being: you’d kill to get it, 10 being: you wouldn’t be torn up if you missed it). We collect the wish lists at 9am sharp and shuffle them. Starting from the random wish list on the top of the pile, we pick out the top 2 items you wrote down that are available and hold it for you, so you’re guaranteed to get at least something on your list. BUT we cannot guarantee everyone will get their #1 and #2 choices. We have a very limited supply of RSD/Black Friday releases! As we go through the lists and things sell out, we move on to the #3, #4, #5 choices and so on.

    Here’s an example of how the wish list works: Say we get 3 copies of the Dave Matthews box set. Johnny’s wish list is 5th in the pile of randomly shuffled lists and the Dave Matthews box is at the top of his list. Before we get to Johnny’s list however, three other people had the Dave Matthews on their top 2 and we put them aside for those lucky people, so we are now sold out of the Dave Matthews. Sorry Johnny, but we’ll have to move on to your number 2 and 3 on the list instead. Even though Johnny didn’t get his number 1 pick, at least he got his 2nd and 3rd! and since it was really up to pure chance, he’s not too bummed and didn’t waste time by lining up outside the store at 5am.

    Here is the official list of Black Friday releases this year – Below is the list of titles we have received.

    Black Friday titles that have arrived at Pure Pop as of 5:20 pm on Wednesday, November 25

    Exclusive Black Friday titles

    B-52s lp

    Beck 12″

    Jeff Beck lp

    Big Star 10″

    Buzzcocks lp

    Cardigans lp

    Johnny Cash lp

    Jazz at Massey Hall 10″ box

    Chip Taylor 10″

    The Clash lp

    Dave Matthews lp box

    Deerhoof lp

    Dictators 10″

    Earth Wind & Fire lp

    Eazy E 7″

    Jay Electronica 12″

    Felt lp box

    Gang of Four lp

    Garbage lp

    Get Up Kids 10″

    David Gray lp

    Ben Harper lp

    Neil Hefti 7″

    John Lee Hooker lp

    Houndmouth 7″

    Howlin Wolf lp

    International Submarine Band lp

    Isley Brothers lp

    Janis Joplin lp

    Jesus & Mary Chain lp

    Like a Puppet Show lp

    Judas Priest 10″

    BB King 10″

    Kinks 7″(both titles)

    Les Paul 10″

    Jerry Lee Lewis lp

    Paul McCartney 12″

    Megadeth 12″

    John Mellencamp lp

    MGMT 12″

    Neil Finn lp

    Nick Lowe lp

    Nine Inch Nails lp box

    Outkast lp

    Carl Perkins lp

    Pharcyde 7″

    Elvis Presley 7″

    Queen 12″

    Otis Redding 7″

    Revolutionaries lp

    Rich Robinson 7″

    Rockabye Baby lp

    SOD 7″

    Schoolly D 12″

    Sonics lp box

    Spoon 10″

    Stardeath 12″

    Stone Sour lp

    Tenacious D lp

    VA-Color of Noise lp

    VA-Garden State lp

    VA-Love & Mercy lp

    VA-Transformers lp

    VA-True Detective lp

    Stevie Ray Vaughan lp

    String Quartet-Modest Mouse lp

    Brian Wilson lp

    Link Wray 7″

    Small Run/Regional Titles

    Animals as Leaders lp

    Dressy Bessy 7″

    Falco 7″

    Eric Matthews lp

    Mekons lp

    Mercury Rev 7″

    Aoife O’Donovan 7″

    Shuggie Otis 7″

    Pujol 12″

    Red Sky Rising lp

    Sword lp

    Terry Adams lp

    Black Friday First Releases

    Arcs 10″

    Behemoth lp

    Rhiannon Giddens 10″

    Green Day lp

    Jimi Hendrix lp

    Roscoe Holcomb lp

    Lush lp

    Lynyrd Skynyrd lp

    Wes Montegomery lp

    William Onyeabor lp

    Linda Ronstadt lp

    Sunn O))) lp

    To Love the BeeGees cd

    High Fidelity lp

    Ween lp

    Frank Zappa lp

    Zombies lp

    Pure Pop tries to get as many of these as possible, but we cannot guarantee any title will be here until it arrives. Keep an eye on our website to see what we’ll have on RSD/Black Friday – we will be updating our own store list as titles come in the mail. Have any more questions? Give us a call at 802-658-2652.

    On top of the Record Store day releases we’ll be having a sale on all non-RSD releases:

    15% off all non-sale items in the store, new & used, cds & vinyl, etc.

    See you on BLACK FRIDAY

    For quick reference here are the titles from the official RSD list that we have not received

    Jeff Buckley 7″

    Clitboys 7″

    Phil Collins 7″

    Egyptian Lover 7″

    Joan Jett 12″(now scheduled for December release)

    Mighty Mighty Bosstones lp

    Jaco DVD

    Run DMC 7″ box

    Alan Parsons 7″

    Ariel Pink 7″

    California 7″

    Damnation AD lp

    Glitch Mob lp

    Lee Robinson Machine lp

    Offenders lp

    Royce Da 5’9″ 7″

    Trespassers William lp

    Waylon Jennins lp

    Bobby Long lp

    Shooter Jennings 7″

    Sons of Anarchy lp

    Johnny Thunders 10″

    VA-Sharknado 3 lp

    **Please note** The entire run of the scheduled Coheed & Cambria was cancelled due to a defective pressing**

    Nothing here - Be sure to check back next Record Store Day!


    Pure Pop is having an ongoing series of charity auctions in support of Doctors Without Borders. We have alot awesome merch that’s generally not for sale to the public going up for bid. First up we’ve got a limited edition oversize Grateful Dead window decal released for their “30 Trips Around the Sun” release!

    Bidding ends on Black Friday! Hope you win!

    Submit your bid to win the pictured item. Winner will be the person with highest bid in the allotted time. Payment by winner can be done in-store or online via Paypal. All proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Winner would need to pay any sales tax & shipping charges, if applicable.
    • Place your highest bid for the current auction item
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    Bob Dylan Studio Portraits Side Light: 1965-330-007-082 Manhattan, New York, USA 1965
    Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series 12
    Odds are it’s apocryphal, but it continues to circulate because fundamentally it’s entirely believable. New ideas do indeed seem to fly so fast and furious with the most creative artists during their greatest periods of innovation.

    Bob Dylan, by all counts, didn’t have any such lackeys on staff despite his phenomenal streak of barrier-busting in the 1960s, when he sang “I need a dumptruck, baby, to unload my head” in the song “From a Buick 6.”

    Fortunately, many examples of his moments of inspiration were caught on recording tape, and that’s at the heart of “Bob Dylan — 1965-1966 The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12.” The collection focuses on his three landmark albums recorded over a remarkably brief 14 months from January 1965 to March 1966. Read the full review on LA Times

    Martin Courtney – Many Moons
    Many Moons, as its name implies, is everywhere at once. It floats between sleep and total consciousness, between sunny West Coast pop and English folk, between past and present tense. It’s a slippery collection of songs that never settles on a particular style or influence and yet still manages to feel cohesive, thanks to Courtney’s penchant for polished melodies and dedication to substance over flash. Read the full review on Consequence of Sound

    El  Vy – Return to the Moon
    Though looser, simpler, and slinkier than his main band, EL VY—a partnership with his pal Brent Knopf, formerly of Menomena and currently of Ramona Falls—is also unmistakably Berninger, whose talky baritone would be difficult to disguise. And he’s not doing anything radically different with that gorgeous voice here; casual fans might easily mistake many songs on Return for new National numbers. Read the full review on AV Club


    Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars
    It’s a small, but significant, detail that live drums are the first thing listeners hear on Thank Your Lucky Stars. Though “Majorette” soon unfolds into the swirling, twinkling, snow-globe beauty for which Beach House are well-known — some might say too well-known — the moment captures the tiny yet notable waysVictoria Legrand and Alex Scally tinker with their sound on their second release of 2015. Read the full review on Allmusic

    ryanadams1989Ryan Adams – 1989
    The strongest example of this comes in his minor key take on 1989‘s most famous song. Seeing as Adams’ “Shake It Off” sounds like Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” (pretend I’m the first critic to mention that, thanks), he doesn’t chirp “mm-mmm” or navigate the cheekily rapped bridge, but he does punctuate the interlude with a toy synth line to ensure there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel. Read the full review on Consequence of Sound 

    albumcover-770x470Pucifer – Money Shots
    Opening track Galileo’s sparse guitar and electronic textures conjures images of the vast desert, while the Spaghetti Western flavored first single Grand Canyon is the literal equivalent, where Keenan (joined by vocalist Carina Round) meditates on feeling small while gazing at the American landmark: One among infinity/Witnessing the majesty…standing on the edge of forever. Read the full review on Smells like Infinite Sadness


    All The Witches – Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

    Every once in a great while, you discover a band not easily classifiable-one that takes time to absorb-but rewards your patience in doing so.

    Nashville, Tennessee’s All Them Witches are one such band, forging a sound that’s a hybrid of classic rock, psychedelia, southern metal, space rock, and something intangibly “other.”

    And their New West Records début Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, expands upon the mysterious sound they’ve been crafting ever since 2012’s Mother Electricity and 2014’s Lightning At The Door.
    Read the full review on Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    Joanna Newsom – Divers
    Most artists on their fourth album settle into atrophy, or at least comfort, Newsom delivers such complex, nuanced music, filled with arcane constructions, that she is only her own yardstick. (In a recent interview about Divers, David Longstreth cited The Milk-Eyed Mender as one of the reasons he quit college: “[What] am I doing here if someone is already out there making music like this, on this level?”) Her consummate craft is a given; what surprises every time is her ceaselessly renewing sensitivity for life’s vicissitudes and the fantastic ways she finds to express them. Divers is not a puzzle to crack, but a dialog that generously articulates the intimate chasm of loss, the way it’s both irrational and very real. Read the full review on Pitchfork

    Half Moon Run – Sun Leads Me On
    The sophomore studio long player from the Montreal-based quartet, Sun Leads Me On finds Half Moon Run dialing back on the sweeping Fleet Foxes-inspired indie folk elements of their debut in favor of a more cosmopolitan approach. Read the full review on AllMusic

    No Devotion – Permanence
    On Permanence Rickly sounds more mature and self-assured than ever before. From his shaky, raw early days to the vicious social satire of United Nations to now and Permanence seems to dip its finger into every pie. Read the full review on Sputnikmusic

    Francesca Blanchard – deux visions
    he dramatic ebb and flow of Blanchard’s songs is heightened by tasteful, subtly dynamic arrangements and pitch-perfect instrumental performances. Her EP was strictly a solo effort, but here she’s backed by local luminaries including bassist Rob Morse, drummer Caleb Bronz, pedal steel player Brett Lanier and accordianist Tom Cleary, to name a few. There’s a horn section led by Bryan McNamara and featuring Andrew Moroz and Luke Laplant. There are strings and percussion. And it’s all expertly, warmly woven together by Montréal songwriter and producer Chris Velan. Read the full review on Seven Days

    Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect
    Just like Under Color before it, The Agent Intellect leaves the listener feeling much more pumped up than its subject matter and harsh nature would lead you to believe. Closer “Feast of Stephen,” the dreamiest track Protomartyr have concocted to date, ends with 30 seconds of teetering ambient noise—a palate cleanser of sorts. Protomartyr are the kind of band that know how to care for their listener. Sure, they mix dark themes and crunchy riffs into their sound with high regularity, but they aren’t here to drive you into the dumps or make you feel uncomfortable. They’re here to play perfectly cathartic rock songs. Read the full review on Treble

    Alex G – Beach Music
    On a Wednesday night in August, Giannascoli is meeting me for a drink in Brooklyn. His hair’s cut a little shorter, but otherwise he’s very much the same artist I met a year ago in Philadelphia — soft-spoken, earnest, not the least bit arrogant despite his prodigious talent. He orders a cider and tells me about recording the album, which he did entirely on his own at home, as usual. “It’s almost like some kind of zen thing,” he says. “It’s just what I do. It’s like a mantra.” Read the full interview on Rolling Stone

    Deafheaven – New Bermuda
    While it would be hard for any band to reach the monolithic heights of Sunbather, Deafheaven found a way to offer a different kind of triumph. New Bermuda doesn’t break down the walls of metal, instead it expands its confines, allowing Deafheaven to include subgenres that rarely mix while injecting more outside references. Ultimately, New Bermuda proves just how progressive of a genre metal can be, purists be damned. Read the full review on AV Club

    Clutch – Psychic Warfare
    Approaching an album listed at the bottom of a group’s impressively lengthy career is always a gamble, yet many factors of this release add up to proving the risk is worth taking the plunge. I must applaud the potent amounts of energy, tasteful homages to classic rock, and numerous infectious melodies Read the full review on Metal Injection

    Wood Brothers – Paradise
    Paradise, recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Nashville studio, represents the first time the group —brothers Chris and Oliver Wood along with percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix — composed an album with all the members in the room. The result is the warmest, most sublime and occasionally rowdiest Wood Brothers release. Read the full review on American Songwriter










    This week we have releases from


    Major Lazer-Peace is the Mission

    Kamasi Washington-The Epic (super limited first pressing on vinyl)

    Thunderbitch(limited vinyl only release) get while supplies last!!!

    -Brittany Howard(Alabama Shakes) side project

    Also, we have eight limited pink vinyl releases for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help support Gilda’s Club of NYC.

    Joey Badass-B4 DA $$

    Run the Jewels 2

    Chet Faker Built On Glass

    Pierce the Veil  Collide with the Sky

    Primus Frizzle Fry

    Sturgill Simpson Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

    Between the Buried & Me  Coma Ecliptic

    Al Green  the Belle Album

    Titles are hitting the shelves today, don’t miss out on the limited releases.




    Got a bunch of nice Eighties titles in the week.

    Titles include albums by:

    Waylon Jennings

    New York Dolls

    Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman(multiple titles)

    The Clash

    Billy Bragg

    Laurie Anderson

    Patti Smith

    Lou Reed(multiple titles)

    Dream Syndicate

    Iggy Pop(multiple titles)

    Kinks(multiple titles)

    Psychedelic Furs

    The Selecter

    XTC(multiple titles)

    Cocteau Twins