Pure Pop, established in 1980, is an indie record store in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. We sell new and used vinyl, CD’s, cassettes, DVD’s, posters and candy cigarettes.

    Aside from our large Used section, we have:
    Rock – Folk – Folk Rock – Jam – Indie Rock – Blues – Jazz – R&B – World – Early Rock N Roll / Surf – Avant Garde – Punk / Hardcore – Classic Alternative – Classic Underground – Metal – Post Metal – Electronic – Hip Hop – House – Country – Reggae – and of course, Local!

    Frequently Asked Questions…

    Q:”Do you guys buy Vinyl/CDs/Video Games/DVDs/ Equipment?”
    A: We only buy CD’s, vinyl, and tapes. The price we pay for them depends on what title they are as well as the condition. Downtown Discs does buy video games, DVDs, etc, as well as some stores in the mall.

    Q:”Can I sell my band’s CD’s here?”
    A: Sure, provided you are a local artist. We sell CDs on a consignment basis, so Mike (the boss) has to be here. Just give us a call and we’ll give you instructions.

    Q: “Will Pure Pop Online review my album if i sent it?
    A: No, we have a policy were we don’t review unsolicited albums, we’re really sorry – but we just don’t have the time in a day to try and do everyone’s new release justice.

    Q:”Do you guys have tickets for Higher Ground?”
    A: Generally no, only for certain shows. Most events are only sold at Higher Ground itself. For more information for their shows, go to Higher Ground Music.

    Q:”Where can I get a needle/spare part for my electronic device”
    A: We don’t know! We don’t sell them though. Most of these things you might be able to find at Recycle North, or just the great source; the internet.

    Q:”Are you hiring?”
    A: Sorry Students! Not for now, but feel free to drop by a resume and we’ll file it just in case we need help during the holiday months.

    Still at a loss? 1-802-658-2652, or you can locate us at 115 South Winooski Ave, that’s on the corner of S. Winooski and College!